Aim Lab partners with Call of Duty League as its official training sponsor - Dot Esports

2022-03-24 03:15:28 By : Mr. Allan Su

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The Call of Duty League is teaming up with Aim Lab, a free-to-play aim trainer, for an official sponsorship.

Aim Lab will be the presenting sponsor of the Call of Duty Challengers Scouting Series, a new segment on broadcasts called Best Shot which will highlight the best shots of the weekend’s matches, and a CoD Challengers ticker to keep fans updated on the CDL Challengers results.

“Aim Lab’s training systems are built to help consumers understand the skills needed to become an esports superstar. Call of Duty League is excited to team up with Aim Lab to develop original content that highlights their training software as well as shines a spotlight on the Call of Duty Challengers path to pro circuit,” said Jack Harari, vice president of global partnerships at Activision Blizzard Esports. “Thanks to this partnership Aim Lab and Call of Duty League will work together to create several new content features as well as welcome fans to participate in a new challenge that puts their aim, accuracy, and speed skills to the test.”

The Call of Duty Challengers Scouting series, presented by Aim Lab, is “a multi-day online competition event that shines a spotlight on the upcoming stars in Call of Duty Esports.”

Aim Lab, free to download on Steam, developed “personalized training tools to test and evaluate fans’ perception, reaction times, accuracy, and other skills that the company’s scientific research teams have identified as crucial to becoming a professional esports player.”

“We are honored to partner with Call of Duty League to create something truly unique and special for fans and pros alike. The new features will allow the world to see what it really takes to play Call of Duty at the highest level and showcase just how amazingly talented these players are,” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder and CEO of Statespace. “And for the fans and aspiring Call of Duty pros at home, this partnership brings you new training tools in Aim Lab to help you reach your highest potential.”

The Aim Lab content will begin during Major Two of the 2022 CDL season.