Best LED Headlights (2022 Guide)

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Best LED Headlights (2022 Guide)

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A durable set of headlights with great light output.

A compatible set of headlights for night driving.

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Using LED headlights can improve your visibility while night driving and make the road safer to navigate in tumultuous weather. LED headlights can be installed at home, but the first step is finding the right light for your car and budget.

In this buyer’s guide, we discuss the best LED headlights based on brightness, longevity, and customer reviews. We also provide an overview of what makes LED headlights stand out from other car headlights and why the investment can be worthwhile.

High-quality LED headlights should help you see the road more clearly when driving at night or in poor weather conditions. When choosing headlights, it is important to consult your owner’s manual to know which bulbs are best suited for your vehicle. You may also want to consider the warranty life of your headlights in case they are defective.

One of the biggest differences between LED and halogen bulbs is brightness. LED headlights are typically much brighter, and also use much less power due to their built-in heat dissipation features. LED headlights cast a wider beam pattern and can come in a variety of colors, with bright white being the most common.

Because they are typically included standard only in luxury vehicles, automotive manufacturers recommend finding aftermarket LED lights or replacement bulbs. Some manufacturers even offer LED headlight conversion kits, as most vehicles require a Canbus converter in order to power their lights.

Halogen lights only burn yellow, while LED bulbs offer a greater number of colors to choose from. White LED headlights are the most popular, but can also be bought in purple, blue, and sometimes yellow. One concern about white LED headlights is the glare they produce, which some worry are too distracting for oncoming drivers.

HID headlights are an alternative to LEDs that use Xenon gas to produce light instead of electricity. Although HIDs use less power and have a stronger light beam than halogen light bulbs, they still produce a lower beam compared to LED and use more energy in the process.

Before purchasing LED fog lights, low-beam headlights, or high-beam headlights, here are a few things to know before checkout: 

If your vehicle’s factory headlights are halogen bulbs, it may not be a good idea to upgrade to LED headlights. While an LED headlight will likely fit into your headlight assembly, the housing around the lightbulb is specifically designed for halogen headlights that emit light in a near-360-degree beam. The beam emitted by LED lights is much narrower, typically less than 180 degrees. So though LED lights are much brighter than halogen lights, you may get a narrower light spread in a housing designed for a halogen bulb.

That said, we read through many reviews from drivers who replaced their halogen bulbs with LED headlights and were pleased with the results. If you decide to try swapping halogen headlights for LED headlights, make sure you save your old bulbs just in case you want to switch back.

Our champion for Best Overall LED headlights is the Fahren LED headlight bulbs . They produce 10,000.0 lumens (Lm), making them nearly 300 percent brighter than most halogen bulbs.

We also like the headlight’s aviation aluminum body with a hollow carved heat sink design and turbo cooling fan, ensuring longer use life of over 50,000 hours. And with the Fahren bulb’s 1:1 design with halogen bulbs, easy installation is a big plus.

Along with a pair of Fahren LED headlight bulbs, the box includes two packs of 3M double-sided tape, four zip ties, and a user manual.

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 54,000 ratings

Many reviews commend the plug-and-play ease of installation and the competitive price point for high-quality lights.

There are very few negative reviews of this product, with dissatisfied customers claiming their headlights burnt out too quickly for their liking.

Drivers looking for the most high-intensity headlight should consider the Hikari VisionPlus LED headlights . Producing over 15,000.0 Lm, these are the brightest LED headlights in our review thanks to Hikari’s Double-Layer Copper Plate Cooling System, which efficiently transfers power to create a high-quality beam. 

The VisionPlus headlights also boast a wider beam than most competitors and a double life expectancy than stock halogen lights.

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 2,300 ratings

Some swear by the Hikari brand of LED headlights. They offer excellent longevity and are compatible with many different makes.

Sealight specializes in a variety of headlights for different vehicles, and its X1 Series headlights are no exception. The CSP LED chips produce 14,000.0 Lm, giving drivers a super bright beam that’s four times brighter than most standard halogen headlights.

One thing we especially like about these headlights is their longevity: Sealight claims its X1 Series bulbs have a 20-year lifespan. This is due to the X1’s anodized aluminum heat sink, which improves its cooling performance. 

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 7,600 reviews

Positive reviews commend the X1’s low-light capabilities and competitive pricing. There are a couple of complaints about the warranty, with customers claiming Sealight was unresponsive on returns.

The Marsauto 9006 LED headlights offer exceptional nighttime visibility. At 8,000 Lm, its light output is more powerful than most halogen headlights, plus its compatibility with almost any vehicle brand makes it appealing to us.

These headlamps have a 6000.0K Daylight White brightness, which reduces eye strain for oncoming traffic while maintaining a perfect beam, and a seven-year lifespan. The headlights also boast a five-minute plug-and-play installation time.

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 12,800 ratings

One common praise from customers is that Marsauto headlights fit well in the headlight housing and maintain their brightness after a couple of years of use. However, some customers complain that the headlights are ill-fitting.

For the best noiseless headlights on the market, we recommend the Beamtech S1 Series . A fanless design makes the S1 Series quieter than other brands, and with its aluminum heat sink, these headlights are more energy-efficient than some competitors.

We like the 6,500.0K Xenon White focused beams, as well. Our only reservation is with the lifespan: roughly three and a half years, which is shorter than other LED headlight options. 

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 900 ratings

Beamtech customers note the crispness of the white light is better than their old halogen bulbs. Some reviews mention dark spots in their headlights, but the overall consensus is that these headlights are reliable.

To select the LED headlights in this review, our team searched Amazon and Advance Auto Parts for top products, looking at factors like customer ratings, prices, superlatives, and Prime shipping eligibility.

Each year, we review over 1,000 auto products. Our team of product experts thoroughly researches top products and tests items on real vehicles when possible before making our recommendations.

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Based on our research, Fahren bulbs are the best LED headlights for your value. They can produce up to 10,000.0 Lm for 50,000 hours and won’t break the bank in the process.

No. LED headlights sit above fog light bulbs on the front of your vehicle and produce a direct high beam. Fog lights sit lower and produce a wider, dimmer beam of light.

Many LED headlights have a one-year warranty in case the product is damaged or unusable right out of the box. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their bulbs.

You should not replace halogen headlights with LED headlights. The reason is that the housing unit for the light is designed with the specific qualities of halogen lights, particularly the wide arc of light.

There are LED retrofitting kits that you can buy and some people find satisfactory results with these kits.

LED headlight bulbs are legal, and are included as the factory default with some makes and models. However, there are federal and state regulations about the brightness, height, and color of headlights. You’ll need to check with your local DMV to learn the specifics of these regulations in your state.

Headlights that output more than 3,000.0 lumens are typically illegal.

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Best LED Headlights (2022 Guide)

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