COD Mobile Season 3: Test Server Reveals New Animated Camouflage

2022-03-24 03:09:26 By : Mr. Sky huang

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 will be the next season to be released and the test server has revealed a brilliant animated weapon camouflage.

The Mobile game, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, is a huge hit with the gaming community. 

The evolution of the Call of Duty franchise on PC, console and mobile has been huge and it is exciting to imagine what the future holds for the game. 

The test server in COD Mobile looks to have revealed that gamers are in for some great new content when season 3 arrives. 

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For those who do not know, Call of Duty Mobile has a test server and this test server is where the developers try out new content before it is officially released.

This is a great idea because it means they can get some sort of idea as to how good the new content is from players on the test server. They can also make sure that there are no bugs or issues with the new content.

The latest new content coming to Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 was revealed on social media by Call of Duty Mobile Intel on Twitter.

Players love weapon camouflages in the game, and Call of Duty have created some great ones over the years. The addition of the animated camouflages has been a loved idea, and this new camouflage will no doubt be one many want.

New seasons do not just bring about new weapon camouflages, but also new characters/operators, maps, game modes and weapons.

The sheer amount of content COD Mobile adds every season emphasises how much work and effort the developers put into the game.

Hopefully over the next few weeks, we should see more content added to the test server, and if this is the case, we will reveal all the latest details as soon as we can.

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