How to download COD Mobile Season 3 2022 Test Server

2022-03-24 03:09:28 By : Ms. Abby Zhang

Activision has released a new public test build for Season 3 and 4 of Call of Duty Mobile. Just like the previous test servers, the COD Mobile Season 3 2022 Test Server is now out for both Android and iOS devices. This test server is filled with content for players to try out like new weapons, weapons balance changes, new maps, and more.

The test server has already started and will go on till the end of the week. Also, this should be noted that as COD Mobile China announced to synchronize with the global version, therefore, the features are the same as those in the Chinese test server.

It is finally the time, as the Public Test Build for Season 3 2022 is here! This test server begins on March 9, 2022 (PT). This time around, there are two different versions, 32 bit and 64 bit. For anyone unfamiliar, 64 bit is more suited for higher-end devices while 32 bit is generally more suited for lower-end devices.

We recommend that you only download the 64-bit version if you have no issues running the current version of the game on the more demanding graphical settings. Here’s how to download the COD Mobile Season 1 2022 test server on Android and iOS devices.

Now, before downloading the Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 2022 Test Server, there are some points that must be gone through.

As per usual, everything one sees in the build may not be final, maybe buggy, or may have placeholder art or text, or may not be released in the next update. Also, this file and build are independent of the main build. Therefore, one does not need to remove or do anything with the main COD Mobile application. It will install another application that is executed separately.

Satellite is a brand new multiplayer map featuring in this test server. The Satellite map can be separated into 2 parts: the desert and the crags. The desert dunes are open with lanes covered by the dunes themselves making corridors that players can go through. The crags feature caves and are winding, making them perfect for close combat situations.

Satellite’s battlefield is a bit special as players can choose which battlefield they can exploit to get to the other team. The dunes are open and anyone traveling them can find themselves within enemy sniper sights. On the other hand, the crags can be claustrophobic and enemies can pop out from anywhere.

The MAC-10 is one of the many SMGs available in the Test Server. Along with all other weapons in the game, the MAC-10 has no recoil and idle sway when aiming down the sights.

The MAC-10 holds 40 rounds in multiplayer and 30 rounds in single-player, and has an extremely high rate of fire but lacks in stopping power, taking several shots to take down a single enemy, though it is compensated for by the viciously high rate of fire.

With a faster aim down sight time and firing rate than the Rytec AMR, there is no denying that the one-shot kill Koshka is the Ultimate Sniper Rifle for enthusiasts. While the Rytec AMR may boast the highest amount of damage among the Sniper Rifles, it does suffer from a very slow aim-down sight time and rate of fire.

Also, a new melee Kali Stick is also available as a functional weapon in the COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server.

The Reactor Core deals fire/radiation damage to enemy players close to you. In the process, it will be ignoring cover and walls. The player using Reactor Core will also gain a defensive buff, reducing damage taken. However, using the reactor core for too long will begin to damage the user, quickly killing them.

Enemies that are damaged by the effect of the Reactor Core will have their maximum health reduced. This will be the amount of damage taken by the Reactor Core and are unable to heal to their normal total health. The health-reducing effect wears off after 15 seconds of not being affected by it, after which the afflicted can regain their normal total health.

The new lethal weapon named Contact Grenade will be available in the COD Mobile Season 3 2022 Test Server. This is a grenade that explodes immediately upon contact with any surface.

There is no official release date available for Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 2022 yet. There has been no news of such kind from Activision till now. Keep checking back here for more information on the COD Mobile season 3 2022 release.

Hope you find this COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server article helpful. Drop your opinions in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask any questions related to this. We’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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