The Top Pendant Light Trends That Are Taking Over 2022

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Pendant lighting has become trendy in recent years, and for good reason. It comes in many styles, designs, and materials meaning there are fixtures that work well in homes with any type of décor. Crate and Barrel points out some additional benefits of pendant lighting. Besides providing lighting, these pieces can function as artwork for your home. They can also serve different purposes depending on their design and location.

Lights over a kitchen island or a table can provide an excellent light source for food prep, working, and entertaining. Pendants in a foyer or entry hallway spread warm, welcoming light that invites people into your home. You can opt to hang pendant fixtures in your home in groups or clusters. However, some designs, like the linear style, consist of one fixture that includes multiple hanging pendants. These can make excellent centerpieces all on their own.  American Style Glass Chandelier Light

The Top Pendant Light Trends That Are Taking Over 2022

If for no other reason, you may want to consider adding pendant lights to your home for the variety. Using multiple lighting sources in your home is best (via The New York Times). Layering your light will not only enhance the look of your home but will also aid in its functionality. Mix overhead, accent, and task lighting, so you have the right light no matter what you aim to accomplish. Remember to keep form, function, and your current aesthetic in mind when weighing options for your home. Then, experiment to find the best choice of pendant lighting for stellar and stylish illumination. 

Linear-style pendants are ones you're likely familiar with. According to Innovatus Design, this lighting style has two main shapes. The first is one fixture hanging from the ceiling that includes multiple integrated lights in a row. The second is a plate flush-mounted to the ceiling with several individual lights hanging from it. Which you choose depends entirely on your personal sense of style.

This pendant type makes great light fixtures for kitchens. They work well over islands and tables and provide a more streamlined look than chandeliers and more visual interest than flush-mounted fixtures. They tend to offer a significant amount of light, making them ideal for offices as well. They also come in many different styles, making them suitable for your home no matter what type of décor you have. Industrial style décor benefits from a linear-style pendant using caged lightbulbs, while country and farmhouse décor is nicely accented by wood and iron versions.

When installing a linear pendant, one thing to consider is the electrical source. One of the advantages of using this style is that you only need to wire a single fixture rather than installing several lights. If there isn't wiring currently located where you'd like to place a light, it can make installation tough. In this case, you can use a track lighting system. This can redirect electricity from the current source in the ceiling and allows you to reposition the pendants as needed (via Philips Hue).

Black finishes have always been trendy, but they have become even more popular in recent years. It's a classic finish, according to Homeward, primarily because it pairs with a variety of color schemes. This makes an excellent choice for your lighting fixtures because you can change paint colors and furniture without worrying about your hardware clashing.

Selecting a black finish for your pendant lights also ensures they'll go with just about any style of décor you use in your home. A large variety of choices come in black, giving you access to one that fits best in your space. Consider pairing black with other colors so your room doesn't appear too stark (via Design Stories). Some of the best options to consider are other dark hues to ground the bold look. You can also add touches of metallics to play off the black tones and utilize plenty of white and grey surfaces to provide airiness and contrast.

For example, if you're using black pendant lights in your kitchen, they can pair well with other dark components. But, try not to go too heavy on dark finishes as it can make your room appear dreary. For example, if have black appliances and would like to add black pendant lighting, consider using lighter-colored cabinetry, like light gray or slate. It's also a good idea to keep the wall colors light and bright to allow your light fixtures to take center stage.

One of the easiest ways to go sustainable with your lighting is to upcycle existing items into pendant lights. But it's not the only way. Whether it is bamboo, sea grass, rattan, or wood, you can also build pendant lighting from scratch using sustainable materials.

Cuckoo4Design provides a tutorial to create your own pendant light with jute yarn, saving yourself the $300 these items sell for premade. This falls into the category of large or oversized pendants, as the project starts by soldering two full-sized lampshades together. This is a long, slow process, requiring you to wrap the jute around the frame until it is completely covered. However, the outcome is a stunning statement light fixture and a great conversation piece.

You can also choose to purchase one of the many light fixtures on the market that are made from sustainable materials like wicker and wood. These options are also more eco-friendly and can be super stylish (via Lighting Lover). Pairing your sustainable pendant light shades with energy-efficient lightbulbs can reduce your carbon footprint — and your electric bill — even more.

Artistic pendant light designs allow you to express yourself and light up your rooms. Many options here are oversized and will work in any room in your home. According to Color Cord Company, this style works particularly well with vaulted ceilings because these pendant lights take up so much of the open space.

When deciding what type of design you want here, consider natural materials and weaves that allow light to diffuse through them. If you use this style in the kitchen, ensure you use bright enough bulbs for food prep. And remember, adding artistic pendant lights to your home does more than just illuminate your rooms — it breathes life into them. Adding art to your home is vital. Because so many things in our homes are commercially manufactured, choosing to put art in your home helps make it feel more human (via Artwork Archive). Artistic lighting choices add emotion and feeling to what might otherwise be a purely functional item. 

Another advantage of choosing artistic pendant lighting? It allows you to engage in interior decorating and think outside the box in ways other lighting choices might not. And studies have suggested that interior decorating can be good for your mental health (via Cocoweb). It engages our cognitive skills, challenges us to think in new ways, and forces us to focus while distracting us from our routines. Focusing on revamping your lighting and creating a space that reflects your style can be a powerful mood booster.

If you're looking to bring more of the outside in with your pendants, there are dozens of DIY ways to do it. You could use plastic flowers or real ones in different styles and shapes of pendant lighting. Estiluz created a multitiered pendant light that allows you to hang plants from a bottom rung while the top contains the lights. The design makes it completely customizable, giving you all the benefits of going for a walk in the park without having to leave your home. This could be a charming addition if you currently work from home.

You can also attach artificial plants to an existing pendant light to add character. If you have a metal, industrial-style version, you can glue magnets to the back of artificial succulents and attach them to the sides of the fixture (via Lora Bloomquist). Or try weaving the stems of artificial flowers through the mesh weave that encases the pendant.

If you're looking for temporary floral lighting, you could make a version with real flowers (via Paper & Stitch). This is a perfect way to create a whimsical, illuminated hanging centerpiece that's sure to be a hit at your next event. Grab a pendant cord fixture and a wire basket to serve as a shade. Make sure you can string the pendant's cord through the bottom of the basket for easy hanging. Weave floral stems through the basket's wires and use wires to attach them securely. Then, string your pendant cord through and hang your floral shade for a stunning lighting option.

Want to add light and a pop of color? You can do this by adding colored shades to your pendant lights. These come in many different sizes, shapes, and even types of construction. The most traditional are glass lamp shades, but other options are available. If you favor more natural styles, Dezeen Showroom discusses using ones constructed of palm leaves in beige, mustard, and clay colors. These are excellent options if you already have a lot of earth tones in your home or have decorated in largely sustainable materials.

But maybe you already have pendants in your home, and you're just looking to add a bit of color to them. You could swap out your existing clear glass shades for something more fanciful. Or you could transform them yourself (via Keeping it Simple Crafts). Carefully remove your existing shades from your light fixtures. Then, simply mix Mod Podge with food coloring or Rit Dye, and paint your shades with it. Start with a few drops of food coloring or Rit Dye, and then add more if you want a more intense color. Apply the colored Mod Podge to the glass shade's inside and outside and allow it to dry completely. Then, hang your revamped shades back on your light fixtures for an impressive one-of-a-kind look.

Like artistic styles of pendant lights, sculptural designs give you a chance to decorate your space while also providing some much-needed light. The great thing about this style is that it comes in endless varieties, allowing you to choose or create a form of light that is uniquely yours and expresses your artistic vibe. Home Designing explains that one way to integrate this pendant style into your home is to mirror or echo other shapes already in the room. For example, consider a sculptural pendant with a circular design if you're hanging it over an oval-shaped table and chairs.

If you want it to be more of a showpiece than an accent, you can take a cue from nature and select an abstract design that mimics the underside of a mushroom (via Dezeen Showroom). Hanging a cluster of illuminated abstract orbs combines form and function and provides a playful take on diffused accent lighting. Looking for something handcrafted and ethnic in origin? Consider a statement-making pendant light made of black clay. This impressive option could both light your room as well as serve as a gorgeous conversation piece.

Lantern and cage-style pendants appear most often in farmhouse décor, but they work just as well with other styles. Broke & Chic points out that cage pendants work particularly well in homes that mix decorative styles such as farmhouse and industrial. They also tend to be one of the most economical styles of pendants available.

Cage and lantern pendants also come in multiple sizes, so you need to consider what number and size of these fixtures will best suit your purposes. Should you hang a half dozen smaller pendant lights? Or would two to three larger options work best where you need them? Hallways, for example, work well with one or two large versions, while three smaller versions may distribute light better over a kitchen island.

When it comes to selecting styles, there are dozens available. Some popular options include brass and rattan, gold ovals, antique white pendants, and metal and wood chandeliers (via A Blissful Nest). Lantern styles also work well in nearly any room, from your kitchen to your living room and even the bathroom. This pendant style is often best suited to older, Victorian-style homes. However, it can work in contemporary homes as well as long as it has the right lines (via Lantern & Scroll). Consider copper finishes and clean lines if you are adding these types of pendants to a home with contemporary décor.

Want a way to add a little artistic flair to your space? Blown glass pendants are just what you have been looking for. They can accentuate a space while complementing your home décor and offer a handmade craftsmanship you might not get in other light fixtures.

Would you like a few more reasons to invest in this style? Handblown pendant light shades are one of a kind and can come in endless combinations of colors. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, Trendir recommends checking out the pendant shades available at Oggetti. Each fixture is unique because they are handblown in Venice, Italy.

Another wonderful thing about blown glass pendant lights is that they can be customizable (via Piumati). You can choose the design of your pendant and the colors of the glass to create the exact look you're looking for. This allows you to create a fixture that perfectly complements your current décor. Consider using them in areas you want to draw attention to and where they can be appreciated without distractions.

Haven't found a style you like yet? Not to worry. You can invent your own version if you're still looking for something that speaks to your character, and there are so many ways to do this to suit your purposes. One innovative choice is a cement pendant light fixture, which works beautifully in spaces infused with industrial décor. Quikrete walks you through creating this one-of-a-kind design using two different-sized bottles. Once complete, these can be quite heavy, so keep this in mind when deciding where to install your new pendant lights.

The Top Pendant Light Trends That Are Taking Over 2022

Loft Wall Light If this isn't your style, you can make an oversized pendant light from a rattan basket (via Blushing Bungalow). This is perfect if your style leans toward a country look or if you plan to use it in a sunroom or on a patio. This natural look pairs beautifully with wicker and bamboo pieces. You could also use a wire basket if you're more into sleek or modern finishes (via Color Cord Company). And, of course, these can be completely customized to your taste. You can paint either of them white, gold, silver, or any color imaginable. With all the possibilities, you're sure to find one that appeals to you and fits your current décor.