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Water is largely transparent to ultraviolet and visible light. Aqualabo’s STAC2 analyser measures the absorbance of ultraviolet light, at a broad range of wavelengths. Organic content of the sample stream absorbs UV light, and thus the measurement of UV absorbance provides an adequate indication of the organic concentration in the sample.

It thereby creates a unique fingerprint of the water. The STAC2 absorbance signal can be correlated using different chemical methods such as BOD/COD/TOC and nitrates by applying a mathematical adjustment factor or gradient to the measured value.

If the water source changes, the correlation gradient may also change. The STAC2 has the flexibility to use 4 different streams and to combine this with up to 10 different models per sample stream.

As UV absorbance may be affected by the turbidity content of water, the STAC2 analyser does compensate for this.

The STAC2 scans and measures the entire absorption spectrum and creates a unique fingerprint from the sample. STAC technology is used by many customers worldwide as a vital decision making tool in their water quality monitoring. The STAC2 is the only analyser in the world that can measure and analyse a multitude of organic substances without using reagents.

The STAC2 analyser is a technologically advanced instrument, able to be connected to an Ethernet or WIFI network.

There is no screen on the instrument itself, and the human interface is based on an embedded Web page, which users can access via the network. This Web Page enables the customer to manage the entire configuration, status and results of the STAC2.

The STAC2 uses innovative and patented technology to estimate organic matter (BOD, COD, TOC) content, assess the TSS level and measure nitrate concentration. It will check and detect undesirable substances (pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.) and handle industrial applications such as high level chloride or organic chemicals.

With STAC2 users can monitor water quality with continuous multiparameter and nitrate analyses for surface water (rivers, lakes, and reservoirs). The analyser is ideal in the event of accidental pollution, especially for organic contaminants, municipal or industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) disruption. STAC2 will also monitor influents and effluents for WWTPs. As with surface waters, STAC2 can monitor water pollution (BOD, COD, TSS, NO3-) and water quality.

The STAC2 analyser is a technologically advanced instrument that connects to an Ethernet or WIFI network. The Web platform enables you to visualise your data in table or graph format, export your data on an external USB storage stick, set up fluid, sequential sampling and measurement parameters and set up WIFI and Ethernet connectivity parameters.

Data is saved every 15 minutes (editable by the user). It is possible to see the measurements tables or graphs (time scale modifiable by users: day, week or month).

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