For sale: station building on a site of more than 1,500 square meters (and you can go in all directions with it) (Ingelmunster) |Het Nieuwsblad Mobile

2022-09-23 22:39:28 By : Mr. Gavin Ye

Former mayor Jean-Pierre De Clercq started his career at the railway station in Ingelmunster.— © fmrWill it be a shop, catering business, home, or will it be demolished irrevocably?It can go either way with the Ingelmunster station.The NMBS gets rid of it.Anyone who wants it can make an offer.The municipality is also happy on the site.The NMBS puts the station building of Ingelmunster in the display case.The building carries a long history with it.However, since 2013, the ticket offices have been closed and travelers have to rely on vending machines and other purchasing options to purchase a ticket.With the station building you can really go in all directions.A catering business or a shop is certainly possible, but it can also serve to live in.It is even possible to demolish the building, as the building is not protected as a monument.The buildings that are being sold, with the house number Stationsplein 18, include the actual station building and the adjacent sanitary building.(Read more below the photo)The station can serve as a shop or catering business, but also as a residence.— © fmrThe entire site is over 1,500 square meters in size and also includes the parking lot in front of the station.The built area is 214 square meters.Shunting trains yourself will not be an option for the new owner.There are no traces on the site being sold.The Ingelmunster station was once a junction from which you could travel to Bruges, Kortrijk, Anzegem and even earlier to Tielt.There was also a freight exchange.Today there are only two tracks left and the station functions as a stop on the line 66 between Bruges and Kortrijk.The NMBS emphasizes that this stopping point will remain in service after the sale.You can make an offer until December 1.One of the bidders will already be the municipality of Ingelmunster.“We will explain what we could do with the location at the city council on Tuesday 20 September,” says Mayor Kurt Windels (De Brug/N-VA/Open VLD).“We would really like to acquire the site, but we also have to follow the procedure and make an offer.It's not like we have pre-emption rights."Acquiring the station would be a useful part of the approach to the station environment.This is the missing link in the redevelopment of the center of the municipality and continues to be on the to-do list 'The ten major works' that the board wants to see realized in the current legislature.Jean-Pierre De Clercq (70) will be closely following the sale.The former mayor has had a long career working for the railways and is well acquainted with the building.“In the beginning of my career at the railways, when I was 22 years old, I still worked in Ingelmunster, with the security service.At that time, the branch to Anzegem was still there.I was even present on the last train ride in that direction,” he says.“Ingelmunster station was then still a busy turntable with a freight carriage.There were also two sheds that have since disappeared.The station also had its own signal box, because there were several tracks and switches.This is all a thing of the past now,” says De Clercq.His father Jerome was also a substation manager in Ingelmunster between 1952 and 1984.“I am very curious about what will happen to the building,” he says.Do you want access to all articles of Het Nieuwsblad?Dive into our plus articles and read 3 of your choice every month for free.